Guinea Pig Pet Care

How to Care for your Pet Guinea Pig.

Guinea Pigs (or Cavy, as they’re correctly called)are one of the most amazing pets a child (or adult) can have. With the right amount of love and care your new Guinea pig will become not only a wonderful pet but also your best friend.

“But, where do I start ?” you cry.

Let Kim Traicos, the author of The Complete Cavy, show you how. Kim has experienced first hand the trials and tribulations of raising these amazing animals and hopes to share her experience with you in her new Amazon e-book , The Complete Cavy, so that you too can enjoy the love and affection only a healthy and happy Guinea Pig can bring.

Kim’s been breeding and caring for prize winning Guinea Pigs for 5 years. Many of Kim’s Guinea Pigs have won prizes in national shows, including: Best in Show; Best in Breed ; Reserve Best in Breed; and Reserve Best in Show at the 2014 South African Nationals.

Kim Lyrix, Best in Show 2014 , guinea pig

Kim is also a psychologist, writer and blogger with a deep love for animals, having also successfully bred and raised rats, hamsters and run a rescue sanctuary for Sugar Gliders.

So you’re excited about your new guinea pig , but you’re probably also asking yourself questions like:

  • What do they eat and how much?
  • How do I groom them?
  • How long do they live for?
  • What if they get sick?
  • How do I know if they’re happy?

Well Kim has answered all of these questions and more in her e-book ,”The Complete Cavy” , including:

  • History of Cavies
  • Biology and Anatomy
  • Nutrition
  • Breeds
  • Illnesses
  • Breeding
  • Husbandry
  • Genetics
  • Social Behaviour and Communication in Cavies

This concise and clear e-book is a complete overview of everything you will need to know about Guinea Pigs. Whether you are keeping Guinea Pigs as pets, as show animals, rescues or are a registered breeder this book will help you in every area of your Guinea Pig’s life. History of the species, breeds, types, anatomy as well as practical feeding, behavioral and medical advice, The Complete Cavy covers it all, making sure you are well equipped to deal with anything the rewarding role of Cavy owner throws at you.

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Sure, there’s lots of other books out there but not one this concise. It’s written for the complete novice,  taking you step by step through the perfect way to raise and care for your newly beloved best friend.

About The Author
Kim Traicos is a psychologist, wife, mother and blogger/YouTuber (under the blog Almost 40 Almost Fabulous). She has adored animals from an early age and throughout her has life kept Guinea Pigs as pets, as rescues and as the owner of Kim’s Cavies in Durban, South Africa and Registrar of the South African Guinea Pig Society. She has also successfully raised rats, hamsters and run a rescue sanctuary for Sugar Gliders.

Kim’s bred Peruvian , Smooth, Abyssinians and Alpacas with her pedigree Peruvian Guinea Pigs still winning awards in South African Guinea Pig shows.

For the price of a bag of guinea pig food you can learn all that Kim has to teach you in this concise and informative book and ensure your new best friend has a rich and rewarding life.