Breeds of Guinea Pigs

Different breeds of guinea pigs

Every country in the world appears to have its own breeds and colours that it recognises but let’s summarise them as best we can. My suggestion would be to contact the authority in your country and get as much information from them in regards to the breeds and colours you are interested in.  Some countries don’t recognise some breeds of guinea pigs and some don’t recognise some colours. I’ve merely tried to make a brief summary of the breeds around the world for interest.



Please note that all breeds of guinea pigs come in a variety of colours. Some countries further differentiate the American, smooth or English type by  colour and concentrate on breeding a particular colour of that pig.



This is your typical short haired guinea pig without any ridges, swirls or deviation in hair pattern.  They are definitely the easiest guinea pig to groom and a wipe with a soft cloth or soft bristled brush will do to get rid of old hairs. Colour is obviously very important when showing this smooth pig .

smooth guinea pig
Smooth Tricolour Guinea Pig


The crested Guinea pig is a smooth coated guinea pig with a single rosette on its forehead. There is a breed known as the White Crested or American Crested in which the rosette is white. The pig must have no other white anywhere else on its body for showing.


Apparently the ridgeback has made the occasional appearance throughout the history of showing cavies. It’s recently regaining popularity. This cavy has a smooth coat apart from two rosettes that cause a ridge of hair to stick up from base of neck to hips along the spine of the animal.

Abyssinian . . . . . 

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