A Guinea Pig Pet

Why Choose a Guinea Pig for a Pet?

Guinea Pig Pet

If you are a parent you know that every pet that wanders into your home will inevitably become your responsibility.

A Guinea Pig, in my mind, is the perfect family pet. It won’t demand the attention a dog or cat does, it won’t smell, it won’t scratch, (seldom if ever) bite and it will bring hours of joy to your children. Guinea Pigs are friendly and love to interact with their owners, making them a perfect pet when regularly handled.

My daughters’ love playing with their Guinea Pigs. They dress them up, push them around in prams and spend hours brushing and snuggling them. Granted, I do supervise this and ensure they know what food they can give their pets as a treat, but it is pure joy to watch.

Cleaning a Guinea Pig cage is easy and feeding cannot be forgotten as the Piggies vocally remind me morning and night. Luckily Guinea Pigs aren’t short lived pets and can live up to up to 14 years, however a more conservative estimate would be between 5 and 8 years.

Guinea Pigs are perfect pets for apartments or small houses where having larger pets like dogs or cats is not a viable option. They are also very hardy animals and a lot calmer than other small pets like Hamsters or Rats.

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